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Root Canal in Wheeling IL


What is a Root Canal?

When a tooth becomes decayed or infected, a root canal may need to be performed, in order to save it. Tooth decay can cause the nerve and pulp to become inflamed and infected to the point of needing treatment. This is where the need for a root canal in Wheeling IL comes in. The procedure for a root canal involves removing the damaged nerve and pulp, followed by a cleansing and sealing of the inner area.

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Why is a root canal important?

When we perform a root canal in our Wheeling IL office, our goal is to save your tooth from worsening, or from having to extract the tooth completely. If a decayed tooth does not undergo root canal therapy when needed, it can lead to a serious infection and subsequently, an abscess can develop at the end of the tooth’s roots.

Infections from decayed teeth can lead to:

  • Inflammation that spreads to the head
  • Loss of bone around the tooth
  • Drainage issues from the root

Signs that may indicate a Root Canal is necessary

The following signs may be an indicator that decay is present and a root canal in Wheeling IL is necessary:

  • A sensitive tooth
  • Pain with chewing
  • Cracked teeth
  • Pain in your gums
  • Darkened gums
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What happens during a Root Canal?

Having a root canal in Wheeling IL requires several steps to ensure success. Initially an X-ray will be taken for a better understanding of the condition of the root canals, and evaluation for infection. Access to the tooth will be made to remove the pulp and nerve. Cleansing out of the tooth then takes place. Once thoroughly cleaned out, the tooth will be sealed. Further tooth restoration may be needed, requiring an artificial structure for support, such as a crown. After the root canal is complete, you may experience sensitivity in that area for a few days. Chewing with that tooth should be avoided until it’s fully recovered. We are proud of our high success rate of root canal treatments in our Wheeling IL office, and are happy to serve you. Contact us to schedule an evaluation.

What are Patients Saying?

Shumaila AsimShumaila Asim
01:01 02 Jul 23
I would highly recommend this dental office. Excellent staff & service!
Asim ShariefAsim Sharief
01:57 25 Jan 23
I visited Dr. Irfan for a deep cleaning and filling. The services provided were great and the staff was very friendly.
Roshan MathewRoshan Mathew
18:36 24 Jul 22
I just had my frontal crown fixing procedure done a day ago and I couldn't help but leave a 5 star review here. Dr. Farooq (who replaced Dr.Sura) is an awesome dentist and probably one of the best in Illinois. She is very compassionate and explains the options in detail. She did a wonderful job in giving me the results I wanted. I am someone who pays close attention to the details and she completely made me satisfied with the work. Also, she is backed up with an amazing team who is always helpful throughout the process. I'd only consider CRESCENT for any future dental procedures and will definitely recommend for anyone who need a dental visit.
Angela MaryAngela Mary
20:28 06 Sep 21
My daughter was happy with her dental appointment , she was anxious and dentist was friendly making her comfortable.Update: Had my root canal treatment and crown placement here.Dr Deeptha Surampudi was very attentive and took great care during the procedure. Very happy with the service provided and would definitely recommend her.

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